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Employee Referral Program

Urpan Technologies Inc’ Employee Referral Program is a recruiting tool designed to encourage
Urpan Technologies Inc)’ employees to refer qualified candidates to fill open positions at Urpan
Technologies Inc.


Current employees of Urpan Technologies Inc are eligible to make referrals through this
program. In case of multiple referrals, the first employee to submit the referral will be
recognized as the referring employee. The candidate who is referred to the open job position
should not be a current employee of the company.

Incentives Offered:

If the new employee, who was hired through employee referral program, stays with the
company for at least 365 days or more, then the referring employee receives a special bonus in
the amount of $500. There is no limit to the number of referrals an employee can make or the
number of referral bonuses an employee may receive.

Referral Procedure:

Candidates can be referred to any open position by contacting the HR directly. If the candidate
referred by the employee is offered and accepts the position, HR will contact the employee
who made the referral directly. Upon meeting the requirements, the candidate must apply
with the HR Department for the referral fees by providing the candidate name.
Note: Current Job Postings and Openings can be obtained by contacting HR directly or by going
to the website https://www.urpantech.com under the “Careers” section. Please contact HR
directly regarding any questions.

Apply Here:

Email ID : hr@urpantech.com
Phone Number: 408-744-6750